Life in Vietnam

I’ve lived most of my life working in developing countries, and the last seventeen years in Vietnam.  I’ve retired now and write books.  Karen Longwell from Ontario came to take pictures at one of my last projects, and here are a few.  The people were ethnic Thai, and the project had as it main objectives to create sustainable livelihoods for the people in the project villages.  Improved varieties of paddy, improved varieties of livestock, and training for farmer families were our main activities.  As an afterthought the project also provided clean drinking water!

One of the major impressions that remain with me was the wonderful sense of humour they all had, and the happiness that they dreamed about as the project activities came on line.  The giant water wheel is made entirely from bamboo and lifts water from the river up to irrigate the paddy fields.

Grannies looked after their grandchildren when their parents worked; the men ensured a good supply of alcohol, usually made from paddy, but also from cassava.  If you've enjoyed reading about this project, please buy my autobiography which details this and other projects in Africa and Asia, and some of the hot spots that I worked or lived in.

I have now retired from project work, and have become a full time writer.

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A typical Thai house, with a space for the animals at night underneath.

The giant waterwheel made entirely from bamboo.

The alcohol is drunk from long bamboo straws!

A man is feeding his new bull, with care and attention.

A young Thai woman carefully protects her son.

Locally grown lunch!

Clean water to drink and wash

Grannie looking after the next generation, her toothpaste is areca nut and beetle leaf!

The next generation!