West African Heat

Five Sizzling ladies! 

This book is a series of five real life experiences in the 1970s, all based in Nigeria in West Africa. Cora was a dancer in the African ballet; Anna wanted to attend a fancy dress party as a Shawnee Indian squaw; Olivia was a visiting anaesthetist with a group of facial surgeons from London; Elizabeth was a senior officer in the HMCR; and Pujita was a housewife from Mumbai visiting her brother in Kano.
They all have one common purpose and that is enjoyable and explicit sex. Some have little or no previous experience of sex, others seek variation in sexual positions, and one came armed with a copy of the Khama Sutra and had an ulterior motive in her choice of sexual partner.
With a farming background, he is attracted to horses and polo, which in turn captures the interests of three of the five heroines, but not at the same time. Mutual attraction is followed by explicit sex in each case. Just after Independence, Nigeria is a broad mix of individuals, many of whom are working to improve the lives and livelihoods of farmers. In the 1970s horses and polo were an integral part of life for both foreigners and locals, and went a long way to break down barriers. These are not stories of young male heart throbs, but of an ordinary middle-aged man who meets five ladies, and ends up in their beds.

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