There's Fungus on the Mushrooms, or if something can go wrong it will

Humour, tragedy, adventure, horror all rolled into ne lifetime - share it here!

Mike Lord has lived and worked in Africa and Asia for nearly 45 years.  He became a consultant by accident, and has worked in that capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and now Vietnam, principally for major aid donors in the field of development aid, including poverty alleviation and the development of sustainable livelihoods for disadvantaged farmer families, who often live in remote areas.
The twenty three chapters in the manuscript are anecdotes of things that really happened in various locations during those years.  Some are funny but others are shocking and alarming. 
One chapter relates to a flight in a DC3 from Singapore to England in 1952, followed by a real life but shocking visit to Benin State in Nigeria during the Biafran war, and the third during work on a project in Libya.
The 23 chapters total about 32,000 words, and covers the author’s life as a child in the Singapore, including the Maria Hertogh riots, incidents at school and then college.  More interesting is when Mike started working in Africa.  Work in Asia included some hot-spots like the Swat valley in Pakistan, and Sri Lanka during the war against the LTTE! Stories and anecdotes are recorded and the author has tried to include happenings in most countries where he has worked, although these are by no means exclusive.
Mike Lord has also written three other books – two historical novels relating to Sri Lanka which has a whole wealth of recorded history, and the third manuscript about Emperor Quang Trung who defeated the Tsing invasion in 1789, and which has suddenly become topical in Vietnam.