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1 A short collection of Limericks:

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The limerick packs laughs anatomical

Into space that is quite economical,

But the good ones I’ve seen

So seldom are clean

And the clean ones so seldom are comical.

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  2. Hanoi Heat: 

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Romance - How often can you meet the man of your dreams? Nicky was lucky and had no idea that her chance encounter with Tony would leave her quaking with need, and even become wantonly immoral! Tony takes her to his office, based in a hotel, and dominates her first of all at a meal they share, and then up close as he removes her clothes and her inhibitions. This novel is designed for mature audiences.

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 3.Vietnam Alive: 

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Six short stories - five in Vietnam, and one in the North West Frontier province in Pakistan. A boy dreams of a bike; a man dreams of being chased by men with guns; a field of opium poppies is discovered in the Indus River basin; the history of a pair of antique chopsticks is discovered; a grandfather explains his daily life to his granddaughter; and, the Post Office delivers lady's undergarments.

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 4. Red High Heels: 

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This started out as a joke about Red High Heels!  A research scientist books into a hotel before attending a conference on stem cell research, and whilst at the conference the hotel accidently allow a young lady with a very similar name to move into his room. They find themselves facing one another wearing only towels wrapped around them! When they decide to have dinner together the lady wears her red high heels, and this prompts a joke about red high heels, and wild horses. The young lady had just run away from a potentially disastrous wedding, but has to make peace with her parents. Fortunately, she is introduced to other scientists as the man’s fiancée, and she allays fears in her parents with the same ruse, which then turns into reality when she is presented with an antique Victorian engagement ring! Please have a box of tissues handy as you read! 

ebook:  US$2.00 format Kindle Cloud Reader.

 5. All the Nice Girls Love a Sailor: 

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Romance on a cruise ship, and more! - A small private cruise ship is chartered for a month’s cruise in the South China Sea. The new First Officer is a very smart, highly qualified and competent lady, who keeps herself to herself until she meets the Captain…. when her knees begin to wobble. The cruise is essentially a business reorganisation session, but some of the other passengers have other ideas.  This novel is designed for mature audiences.

ebook:  US$2.00 format Kindle Cloud Reader.

 6. Singapore Heat:

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Romance - Have you ever been to the Lion City?  Singapore is the dynamic jewel of the East, and has been for fifty years!

The novel is set in Singapore in the 1980s, when the young and dynamic country is still emerging towards social and economic independence.  Six people, three men and three women, who live and work there, become involved in a series of meetings and/or their explicit sexual encounters over a four week period, between themselves, and other people from a wide ethnic range.  Jealousy and violence enter the picture and the life of one character is lost, by accident, or design!

ebook:  US$2.00 format Kindle Cloud Reader.

7. Kandy Heat: 

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Romance – Men in their fifties should not pass up this Book!  Harry decides to visit his family home of many years earlier. He meets the tenant, Makshi, an Indian lady nutritionist, but a man with a baseball bat attacks her car. He is confronted by Makshi and Harry, and attacks Harry in a drug induced rage, just missing his head with the baseball bat. The baseball bat had a mind of its own and shatters the attacker's leg.  This novel is designed for mature audiences. 

ebook:  US$2.00 format Kindle Cloud Reader.

 8.  West African Heat - from Blushing Books.

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One man meets five attractive ladies where he is working in the west coast of Africa, each of whom has a different background. With a farming background, he is attracted to horses and polo, which in turn captures the interests of three of the five heroines, but not at the same time. Mutual attraction is followed by explicit sex in each case. Just after Independence, Nigeria is a broad mix of individuals, many of whom are working to improve the lives and livelihoods of farmers. In the 1970s horses and polo were an integral part of life for both foreigners and locals, and went a long way to break down barriers. These are not stories of young male heart throbs, but of an ordinary middle-aged man who meets five ladies, and ends up in their beds. 

ebook:  US$2.99 format Kindle Cloud Reader.

 9.  Young and Inexperienced Love: 

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Two very short stories about a boy meeting a girl, or girls.
The first is at college, where it is not the number of girls but one very special girl who is as inexperienced as the boy. Hopefully she will take the lessons she has learned into her married life.
The second is a young man meeting a series of young ladies, but not always at work, although sometimes work related.

ebook:  US$1.00 format Kindle Cloud Reader.

 10. West African Project: 

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Romance and Adventure in sub-Saharan West Africa -  Ivan wins a contract to work in the Hadejia River Valley, as agricultural advisor. He finds the Project Director easy to work with and his widowed daughter lovely to look at and to look after him!  This novel is designed for mature audiences.

 ebook:  US$3.00 format Kindle Cloud Reader.

 11.  Heat in the Tea Gardens. 

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Romance - Make sure you have a strong cup of black tea before you read this! A middle aged man meets an attractive woman in the highlands of Vietnam, where they have both been working for several years. A change of circumstances brings the two together initially for commercial reasons, and then for an opportunity to get to know and understand one another better....  This novel is designed for mature audiences.

eBook:  US$2.00 format Kindle Cloud reader

12.  Helga's Red Thigh Boots. 

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 Romance in Rotterdam - A Canadian journalist, aka Fred, finds a place to stay with a lady, aka Hufflepuff, and her adult son in Rotterdam and at first it is very comfortable until the lady develops mid-life shivering fits in the presence of the journalist.  This novel is designed for mature audiences.

 eBook:  US$2.00 format Kindle Cloud reader.

 13.  SAFARI HEAT - from Phaze Books

This story is set in East Africa, Kenya to be precise in the 1980’s.  Sophie, writes in the first person about her own feelings firstly of despair and then happiness.

Our hero is a widower and a new arrival to Kenya, but not Africa, and who has a difficult job working with landless African farmers.  He has been involved with horses most of his life and gravitates to the world of polo and racing in Nairobi.  His first fling is with an anaesthetist, visiting Nairobi for a conference, followed by a librarian and a long time spinster.  He meets a lovely Indian lady and here the story almost takes a different track! 

The scenes vary and are described in detail from the suburbs of Nairobi, and then to camping in the wilderness and a Game Park.  Almost by accident he meets our heroine, and her family, and their love story unfolds...