Safari Heat

This story is set in East Africa, Kenya to be precise, in the 1980’s, and is written in the third person, except the first and last chapters where the heroine, Sophie, writes in the first person about her own feelings firstly of despair and then happiness.

Nick, our hero, is a widower and a new arrival to Kenya, but not Africa, and who has a difficult job working on two former settler estates that the government has allocated to landless African farmers.  He has been involved with horses most of his life and gravitates to the world of polo and racing in Nairobi, where his skills are much appreciated.
At first, he meets ladies with whom he had fleeting sexual encounters, which the book describes in detail.  The first is an anaesthetist, visiting Nairobi for a conference, followed by a librarian and a long time spinster.  He meets a lovely Indian lady and here the story almost takes a different track! 

Go on Safari with Nick, the Masai Mara, game parks, the Norfolk Hotel, Ngong races, thoroughbred horses, Karen duka, not forgetting Nairobi Polo Club.

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