Colin and Monique meet one another on a dusty road about one hundred miles from Beira in Mozambique.  They had previously known one another when they were students but that was over twenty years ago, and then their lives had taken completely different paths.

Monique had just been through a nasty divorce, and had settled down to raise her two children whilst getting on with her career as a recruitment specialist.  The tall dark Colin still attracts her and she realizes that she would have to take the lead if their relationship were to develop and romance were to blossom!

It works!  But her life is complicated by the lawyers representing her recent husband who try to stop her relationship with Colin.  Can her glowing auburn hair, her attractive breasts and passionate body win the battle?

Her children are a very necessary consideration and then she realizes that her fourteen year old daughter has a brain like a computer, whilst her son is won over by anything technical.

 Published by Phaze Books: