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Jennifer, an accountant, watches a television programme about two strangers, a man and woman, who spend twenty one days in a remote area with only a machete and a flint between them.  They have no clothes, food or water but have to survive.  They build their shelter, find food and water. 

Jennifer lives in Bangkok and gets cross when the man on the TV programme who refuses to work in cooperation with the woman!  A clash of egos she decides!

She challenges some of her friends on the social media network, determined that she could to a better job than either of the contestants, and her challenge is accepted by a farmer, Charles, living in South Africa.

They see what each other looks like from the photos on Twitter, and they exchange backgrounds.  They start planning their adventure, and try their hardest not to cheat, but they have no back-up team and have to organise everything themselves, and initially without their families knowing.

She has just recovered from a divorce, and he is single, and they chose a remote area in the highlands between Thailand and Laos.  It is fortunate that they like one another, but the trouble starts as they begin to fall in love.

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